Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stephen Hunt R.I.P.

Stephen Hunt, a fireman from Manchester and father of two, gave his life yesterday in the line of duty.

Fortunately it is rare these days for a firefighter to be killed, but the possibility is always there, and the brave men and women of the fire service know that they take this risk whenever they are called out to deal with a fire.

Stephen Hunt and a colleague were rushed to hospital after both of them got into difficulties while dealing with a fire in Oldham Street last night. Mr Hunt was later confirmed dead in hospital. A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service said that the other injured firefighter is not thought to have life-threatening injuries.

County Fire Officer Steve McGuirk said: "We are devastated by the loss of one of our colleagues who has died in the line of duty.

"We never expect to lose a colleague in this way and it brings home the dangers that our firefighters put themselves in every day to keep the community safe.

"Stephen had been a dedicated firefighter since 2008 and we are all in a state of shock."

Just when you think the story could hardly get much worse, it was announced today that police investigating the blaze have arrested two fifteen year old girls on suspicion of manslaughter.

In remembering Stephen Hunt and expressing our condolences to his friends and family at this sad time we should also be grateful for the job he did and for the work of all other firefighters who protect our communities and lives, sometimes at risk to their own.  

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