Saturday, July 20, 2013

Patients Deserve better

"Patients deserve better"

was the headline in the Whitehaven News this week after the trust which manages West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven and the North Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle was put into special measures after a damning investigation report.

There are plenty of competent, hardworking and caring people who do good work at both those hospitals, and it is important that we recognise their work and don't tar everyone at WCH or the North Cumberland with the same brush.

But it is impossible to disagree with the Whitehaven News' headline.


Jim said...

The problem I think is that too many people in the UK treat the NHS in the same way a Hindu treats a cow.

It is not good value for money and needs serious reform, but, you try and present your case and before you know it you are burned at the stake as a Heretic

Jim said...

I have been scalded by many people due to extreem evidence that windfarms are bad. People who are not interested to even hear the case, they just want to immediatly dismiss me. take that hostility multiply it by 1000 and there is the NHS case

Chris Whiteside said...

And the problem with this is that it makes people afraid to raise issues of concern where the NHS needs to improve for feat of being seen as attacking the NHS

Jim said...

exactly the point i was making